Our Story

Blackrock Beachwear Our Story

Blackrock Beachwears story began in May 2020 when I, having grown up beside the ocean all my life, but couldn't swim, was asked on a girly trip to the beach.

Nervous of the cold water and the thoughts of having to get dressed again after my sea dip, ever the prude, I was less than excited.

However, sometimes in life we must push ourselves from our comfort zone and so bag in hand, I headed for ladies beach in Salthill, Galway.

Lots of encouragement later i got into the sea and it was like electric shock therapy for the soul!

Invigorating, electrifying and terrifying all rolled into one.

I decided to try and gain more confidence in the open water by hopping onto Youtube and watching clips of how to thread water to stay afloat and eventually how to breast stroke.

Armed with a little more confidence, I headed for Blackrock Diving Towers in Salthill with my cosmic crew of lady swimmers, all of who I had met on that sea swimming journey.

It wasn't long before the penny dropped and while drying off one evening after a sunset dip, I gazed up at the iconic yellow diving boards and watched the herds of people queing to set themselves free and dive into the beautiful blue sea. I saw all the dippers and swimmers below the promenade as well as walkers all coming down to watch the spectacle that high tide at the towers brings. I found myself stood there wondering how come no one has ever brought out a swimwear collection inspired by this magical place?

The rest is history.

I started to design hoodies & surfrobes in bright colours paying homage to one of Irelands most quintessential swimming spots. Quality, sustainability and colour are the three key elements to our brand.

We have a huge emphasis on customer service and always encourage feedback on new designs and colours of our new products, especially the swimwear collection.

Each item is dreamed designed and packaged in Ireland with care. All products are individually inspected before they reach our customers.

Dive in!

Founder, Blackrock Beachwear