Sustainability & Ocean Plastics

We all have a personal responsibility to do our best to keep our oceans free from plastics. At Blackrock Beachwear we are proud to use only the highest quality REPREVE fabric in all of our swimwear.

Billions of plastic bottles go into landfill every year. By purchasing our swimsuits you are making a difference. Over 25 Billion plastic bottles and plastics from industrial waste have gone into making REPREVE fabric. Fewer greenhouse gases are emitted to make REPREVE fabric through not having to use new petroleum which in return means using less water and energy.

We are a small business at heart but we are very conscious of the huge problem us as humans are creating for our future generations.

Fast fashion is something we dont do. All our products are made in small batches to avoid over production. We work with an amazing company who produces our swimwear in very small batches to avoid waste which in return is better for mother Earth. Moreover our suppliers who produce our products pay their staff fairly have an excellent hygiene standard and working conditions for their staff who are treated fairly and safely.